Mike Gregory

 Paulton is home to one of the true legends of the modern game, Mike Gregory. Whilst playing in this and other local leagues, Mike became a household name with countless TV appearances and many major wins throughout a 15 + year career as a professional darts player.

  Mike has been a loyal member of the Somerset County darts team for many years and still plays Superleague for Radstock, itself mainly made up from players from the Paulton League.

In recent years Mike has also been playing for the Dolphin Inn here in the Paulton League.

Over time we will be cataloguing Mike's achievements on this page with photos and video from Mike's own archives!  



Mike is available for exhibitions, personal appearances, presentations and Q&A's. Mike will provide a stage set and the superb Paul Starr as MC if necessary. Contact us by email to find out more or call 01761417462.

Mike will also come along to host and run his famous 'Mike Gregory Darts Quiz Night' which is a great night of Darts competitions in the style of famous TV shows. Email for details! 



Press cuttings/Lakeside Final reaction.

See the two sub-pages (in the menu on the left) for some press cuttings featuring Mike as well as some exlusive photos taken hours after the Lakeside Final back in Paulton in the Winterfield Inn!


Major Achievements

The News of the World Individual Darts Championships

Winner: 1987 & 1988

 The 'News of the World' was one of the first major organised darts competitions, which began in 1927. It became England's first national darts competition from 1947 until its demise in 1990. It was the tournament that all players wanted to win. Unusually it was played at the 8ft distance and the very short format of best of 3 legs. Qualifiers started in local pubs with various regional rounds culminating in the TV spectacular. No player won it more than twice. Mike did so with back to back victories playing out of the Stones Cross Hotel in Midsomer Norton in the Paulton League 

Embassy World Professional Championships



Runner Up: 1992

Semi Finalist: 1990

Qtr Finals: 1995, 1993, 1989, 1987, 1984 

The 1992 when Mike got to the final he took part in what was quite simply one of the best matches ever seen in the history of darts. Phil Taylor describes it as his greatest ever match. In the deciding set Mike had 6 darts to win the title before losing in the sudden death final leg - the first time it had ever happened.  

Mike qualified for Lakeside 13 times in a row (when eligible). He reached the Quarter finals or better an incredible 7 times and it was only his fellow greats of the game like Jocky Wilson, Eric Bristow and Bobby George who could knock him out.


Complete List of Major Finals (WIP)

 Embassy World Championships  Phil Taylor  1992  R/UP
 British Open  Eric Bristow  1981  R/UP
 British Open  John Lowe  1991  Winner
 Winmau World Masters  Eric Bristow  1981  R/UP
 Winmau World Masters  Denns Priestley  1992  R/UP
 News of the World  Peter Evison  1987  Winner
 News of the World  Kevin Spoilek  1988  Winner
 Unipart British Professional  John Lowe  1984  Winner
 Lada UK Masters (WDC)  Dennis Priestley  1992  Winner
 Lada UK Masters (WDC)  Bob Anderson  1993  Winner
 MFI World Matchplay  Jocky Wilson  1986  Winner
 Butlins Grand Masters  Bob Anderson  1984  Winner
 British Matchplay  Keith Deller  1984  Winner
 Dry Blackthorn Masters  Eric Bristow  1984  R/UP
 Dry Blackthorn Masters  Mick Manning  1985  Winner
 Australian Grand Masters  Horrie Sedan  1986  Winner
 Australian Grand Masters  Brian Bingham  1992  Winner
 Unipart European Masters  Peter Manley  1995  Winner
 Europe Cup (singles)  Trevor Nurse  1988  Winner
 Finland Open  Colin Baker  1984   Winner
 Finland Open  Jocky Wilson  1986  R/UP
 Finland Open  unkown  1987  Winner
 Sweden Open  Bob Anderson  1986  R/UP
 Sweden Open  Eric Bristow  1989  Winner
 Sweden Open  Dennis Priestley  1992  Winner
 Belgium Open  Stefan Ecklehart  1994  Winner
 Belgium Open  Pascal Rabou  1995  Winner
 Belgium Open  Raymond V Barneveld  1996  R/UP
 Canadian Open  Bob Anderson  1991  Winner
 Denmark Open  John Lowe  1985  R/UP
 Denmark Open  Bob Anderson  1986  R/UP
 Norway Open  Stefan Ecklehart  1994  Winner
 Switzerland Open   Andy Fordham  1995  Winner
 Scotland Open  Dave Richardson Page  2003  R/UP
 Australian Golbourne Open  Horrie Sedan  1986  Winner
 North American Open  Alan Warriner  1992  Winner
 American Legrand Grand Prix  Alan Warriner  1992  Winner
 Embassy Gold Cup Singles  Chris Whiting  1991  R/UP
 Embassy Gold Cup Singles  Francis Lynch  1994  Winner
 Schwepps Classic  Brian Cairns  1984  Winner
 Britvic Classic  George Ewart  1983  Winner
 Winners Matches  Eric Bristow  1983  Winner
 Autumn Gold  Dave Whitcombe  1985  R/UP
 Antwerpe Open  unkown  1985  Winner
 Hong Kong Super Dart Challenge  Cliff Lazarenko  1986  WInner
 Double Diamond Masters  Keith Deller  1983  R/UP
 And last but not least Mike holds TV's 'Bullseye Bronze Bully' record of 380 points in 9 darts!  and he is the only player to win it twice!



Western Counties 1987 1976!