Martin Sawyer Champions Trophy 2016/2017:

 Please let me or your captain know if you are not on the list but should be.

All games will be best of 5 with first player in the draw throwing 1st. Bull on the decider.


G Witcombe; G Bryant; M Colbourne; M Sampson; Andy Hughes; L Gregory; S Woolacott; M Branson.



CROWN                                      RAILWAY                                  
A Bean   K Marsh
A Biggs   D Coombes
S Jones   C Daniels
Paula Hoddinott *   D Kemp
D Grass   D Wilkins
T Davis   K Langan *
S Woolacott   Colin Clarke
I Morris   J Bown
J Lilley   L Gregory
C Keevill   J Beattie
G Chun   S Bridges
M Colbourne *   J Roberts
Ant Hughes   G Woodham
K Coombes   M Sampson
S Ball   K Hulme
L Gibbs   A Wilcox *
D Jewell   A Wilkinson
S Channon   B Gilvray
M Furber   L Francis
C Allen *   G Witcombe
C Wilcox   G Fuller
M Branson   P Carpenter
M Simmons   I Chard
A Sandon-James   Steve Hoddinott *
C Hurle   D Kingman
C Filer   N Lamb
A Deverall   B Wilkins
P Heal   Andy Bryant
Glyn Bryant *   Sam Hoddinott
N Raikes   Steve Lane
M Knight   A Beale
J Dando   L Coleman
T Dunscombe   G Easton
M Turner   Andy Hughes
    J Beale







Martin Sawyer Champions Trophy 2015/2016:

Champion: Andy Hughes

Runner Up:  Ash Sandon James


Chris Allen

Greg Easton

Dan Coombes

Mikey Sampson

Adie Beale

Chris Daniels


CROWN                                      RIVERSIDE                              
L Webb   W Wiltshire
A Biggs   I Chard
C Daniels   M Jeremy
S Ball   D Kemp
J Beattie   C Allen
N Beattie   D Grass
S Davis   I Morris
A Bryant   J Dando
D Kingman   J Lilley
J Sherred   D Coombes
G Witcombe   M Russell
B Gilvray   T Davis
L Gregory   K Coombes
A Sandon-James   C Strange
M Turner   G Fuller
A Wilcox   M Furber
Ant Hughes   C Windridge
C Filer   P Blackstone
D SMart   M Davis
L Coleman   S Wolcott
M Branson   N Kingman
G Easton   M Hillier
J Beale   C Hurle
J Bown   G woodham
G Davison   M Sampson
G Bryant   B Wilkins
Andy Hughes   A Beale
K Williams   Colin Clarke
A Hudd   B Bridges
D Wilkins   L Gibbs
S Channon   S Jones
T Dunscombe   K Langan
M Colbourne   G James
P Carpenter   Cliff Clarke




Martin Sawyer Champions Trophy 2014/2015:

Full SIngles:

Neil Raikes def Lance Coleman

Gary Witcombe def Dave Kemp

Jessie Hughes def Lee Gregory

Andy Hughes def Chris Allen


Gary Witcombe def Neil Raikes

Andy Hughes def Jessie Hughes


Andy Hughes def Gary Witcombe





SINGLES 2013/2014:

Neil Raikes vs Mark Colbourne

Ash Sandon-James vs Andy Wilcox

Gary WItcombe vs Mark Branson

WIll Wiltshire vs Sam Hoddinott


Ash Sandon-James def Mark Colbourne

Gary Witcombe def Will Wiltshire


Ash def Gary